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Sightseeing around

  • history

    • Kumano Kodo

      It is a highway that people who have visited Kumano Sanzan (Hongu Shingu Nachi) since the world.
      Kumano Pilgrimage became popular from the latter half of the Heian Period, and in the Muromachi Period it was called "Ari-no-Kumanomode (ants' pilgrimage to Kumano)".
      Many people from all over the country came to Kumano.
      Many historic sites related to Kumano Kodo are left in various parts of Arida.
    • Chohoji Temple

      Kishu Tokugawa Clan Bodaiji (family temple) Yoshimune related temple) Chohoji Temple is in response to the imperial prayer of the Emperor Ichijo Choho years (1000)
      Shoku Shonin is said that it was founded by Shoku Shonin.
      Then, we set out in Bodaiji (family temple) by the Kishu Tokugawa Clan first generation feudal lord Yorinobu to Kanbun years (1666).
      Transportation Approximately 2km from JR Shimotsu Station
      20 minutes by car from the hotel Tel:0734-92-3750
    • First this morning Itoga Inari Shrine

      The first Inari Shrine Japan.It was founded older than Inari Shrine Fushimi, and there is still a stone sword that Emperor Cloistered Emperor Shirakawa sent his car to.

      Transportation 5 minutes by bus from JR Kii-Miyahara Station
      5 minutes by car from the hotel Tel:0737-88-5228
  • Nature / Experience

    • Shirasaki Coast

      Shirasaki Ocean Park is a park with the entire cape on the Shirasaki Coast covered with limestone.
      The contrast between the white rocks and the clear blue sea is beautiful, like the Mediterranean Sea.
      The observatory overlooks the sea and the sea breeze is blowing comfortably.
      You can enjoy playing on the beach and swimming around the coast.
      There is also a facility in the park where you can enjoy diving
      You can also see soft corals and tropical fish in the nearby sea.
      It is also popular as a diving spot.
      "Tatego" is a breeding ground for Tatego come to spawn on rocks around the beginning of July.
      The number is amazing.
    • Arida Mikan Kaido

      Arida Mikan Kaido

      Kii Channel superb view point where the Kii Channel and Yuasa Bay spread out below.Ideal for drive walking.

      The view from the observatory is superb.
    • Mandarin orange hunting(Sugai Farm)

      Picking oranges at Sugai Farm" where you can enjoy the authentic "Arida oranges".

      From mid-October to early December

      【entrance fee】
      Adult(s):800 yen
      Children(Elementary school students and younger):600 yen

      【Opening Hours】
      From 10:00 to 16:00
      *Please make a reservation in advance.
      *We can also arrange souvenirs.

      【Reservation inquiry】  *Please contact the facility.
      Address:〒649-0434 17 Shinmachi, Miyahara Town, Arida City, Wakayama Prefecture

    • Arida Giant Peak Village(Grape hunting / pear hunting)

      The largest in Kansai. "Vineyard"
      Grape varieties (Kyoho, Pione, Shine Muscat, etc.) Pears(Kosui, Hosui, Nansui, etc.)

      From early August to mid-October

      Adult 800 yen
      Elementary school student 600 yen

      Arida Giant Peak Village Forest Garden
      TEL 0737-32-3843
  • Birthplace of soy sauce

  • Theme park / shopping

    • Wakayama Marina City

      Porto Europe where you can enjoy exotic atmosphere and attractions.
      Kuroshio Market where fresh seafood gathers, full-scale yacht club, etc. .. .. .. ..
      Enjoy the whole thing,Maritime theme park.

      Transportation About 10 minutes by bus from JR Kainan Station
      30-40 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Shirahama Adventure World

      Various animals on land, sea and air, including pandas and dolphins,
      A theme park with the theme of interacting with nature.

      70 minutes by car from the hotel

    • Hama no Utase

      Directly managed by Arida Minoshima Fisheries Cooperative.
      Mainly fresh fish caught at Minoshima Fishing Port, processed marine products, mandarin oranges, etc.
      You can purchase local specialties.

      Freshly caught seafood, which is lined up in stores every day, is especially popular!

      10 minutes by car from the hotel